High-tech At It's Best

Around the MAZARIN shipyard is a high-tech cluster of suppliers and international experts.
The Mazarin shipyard works closely with CFK Valley in Stade, Germany to ensure quality control and environmental protections are strictly adhered to

The 'German Technology Training Center Qingdao', located on the MAZARIN Shipyard, is where massive research and development efforts have resulted in the production of the highest grade CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) materials used to build Mazarin Yachts.

Together with the German Vocational School and a German University, Mazarin Yacht technicians and craftsmen are educated and trained to build according to the Germanisher Lloyd SE classification (now known as Norway's DNV).

Education and Training

Largest Spare Parts Warehouse

  • Research Centre CFK Valley Stade, Germany

    The CFK Valley Stade, Germany is a highly sophisticated research centre for production technology of carbon fibre reinforced plastic structures. Research facilities, enterprises and universities are developing new solutions for innovative applications of CFRP.
  • CFK Valley Stade, Germany

    More than 100 research facilities and producers are developing new processes and methods for composite technology together. The CFK-Valley Stade TECHNOLOGY provides production facilities, shop floor and laboratory. Project partners may use the opportunity to integrate themselves directly into CFK-Valley Stade TECHNOLOGY