Manufacturing Process

One of the most modern milling centers in the world accurately translated the design and striking lines of the MAZARIN. The precise 3D hull formation has been directly transferred from the computer to the milling center. Over the entire working range the milling tolerance is just 1/32" (0.8 mm). The dimensional accuracy of this precision work guarantees the perfect symmetry of the underwater hull and thus an optimal streamline.

Laminates composed of glass fiber and high quality carbon fiber with a matrix of VE-resins are produced in the state-of-the-art method, the vacuum infusion method. This method guarantees an optimal ratio of stability and weight which permits dynamic performance with high load capacity and leads to longevity and a stable value. All GRP materials are stored and processed at a constant humidity and ambient temperature, one of the fundamental measures to guarantee a high-quality hull structure. Each hull is tempered for 3 days at 140 degrees Fahrenheit and this ensures the best stability properties of the materials and excludes the risk of osmosis.

Construction, calculation and material selection are according the regulation of and are verified by the 'Germanischer Lloyd'. Thus, each MAZARIN is awarded the coveted 'GL Yacht Plus' certificate. Mazarin Yachts have been designed and developed by one of the most modern shipyards in Germany.

Experience the luxury of yachting. Welcome on board a MAZARIN!